Jessica Bayer

Pamela Todd Yoga Therapy

The logotype and website was designed for Pamela Todd’s yoga therapy practice. It was important to Pamela that the logotype and website reflected the key concepts that yoga therapy embodies: balance, intelligence, compassion, self-empowerment, calmness, safety, security, inclusivity, the coexistence of simplicity and complexity, the union of universality and individuality, and the interconnectedness of all life. It was the concepts of yoga therapy that became the inspiration for the logotype.

The logo was created by a simple arc sequence repeating to form a circular shape. The multiplication of this shape creates a complex, meditative, and interconnected form. The circle is a universal shape, yet the patterns created by the multiple forms call the viewer to make their own individual visual meaning. The color palette was chosen to embody calmness, safety, security, and inclusivity for both genders.

Website Design

Please visit the link below to see the website design.