Jessica Bayer

Mindful Mama Movement Podcast

These image templates were designed for the Mindful Mama Movement podcast. The Mindful Mama Movement is “a podcast, community and retreats that empower mamas, encourage authentic living, and celebrate living an inspired life.” The show is hosted by two women, Shannon Kinney-Duh and Ashley Walburn.

The templates mirror the branding that Shannon created for the show and her life coaching business. The pattern design, that features Shannon’s illustrations, changes from guest to guest. The image templates are applied to the banner and segment posts of the show’s website, and social media accounts to announce a new show. The Mindful Mama Moment image is placed on social media websites, giving listeners a thought or action they can apply to their daily life.

Listen to the Mindful Mama Movement podcast here.

Podcast Image Templates

guest templates for MMM podcast_carla reeves_portfolio-02.jpg
guest templates for MMM podcast_karen_portfolio-02.jpg

Image Application


Pattern Design