Jessica Bayer


TEACH is an acronym that stands for Tomorrow’s Education and Community Healing. TEACH is an aspiring nonprofit organization whose mission is “to enable children to gain equal access to education and promote sustainable learning environments in North and South America.”

Every letter within the organization’s name is enclosed in a symbol, and each symbol embodies the word that the letter stands for. The T, tomorrow, sits within the sun which represents a bright new day. The E, education, is positioned within the flower chosen as a symbol for growth and development. The A, and, is placed between two individual arcs moving towards unity. The C, community, is surrounded by hands joined in celebration as seen from above. The H, healing, rests within the medicinal symbol of the snake.

The symbols were all placed inside the center of the seal. Two marks were created, the logotype and seal, to give flexibility to the identity and the identity’s collateral materials. The bright, fun color palette was chosen to highlight the similarities between both continents TEACH serves.